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CounterAct release - 2.5B


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We are nearly 70% of the way through upgrading our user base to the latest CounterAct release, 2-5B.


In the latest CounterAct upgrade, Border has launched two new mobile apps – stock checking and purchase orders, added more options to Delivery Scheduling and created a powerful new Product Purchase Enquiry report.

Please see the main CounterAct section for more details on our two new mobile apps.


In the delivery scheduling, users can now access delivery scheduling direct from the point of sale screen and depending on access rights can either view or view and update the schedule. We think this will help improve visibility on vehicle availability between the counter and the transport office.


The new Product Purchase Enquiry is a purchase version of the popular Product Sales Enquiry. It provides a huge range of information on every item purchased. Users can use the enquiry to get an overall view of transactions or home in on particular product ranges or suppliers. The quick view facility means that users don’t have to drill down into each line to see the full detail.


Issue notes with full details of the new release are sent to customers with the upgrade.


This new release is available to all CounterAct users (CounterAct upgrades are supplied as part of the customer support contract.)

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