CounterAct is used by specialist timber merchants as well as general merchants. It can handle timber sales as part of its core package so there is no need to buy an add-on module or run two systems.


Timber sales features

  • Single point of sale system that can handle complex timber and sheet material sales as well as general merchant business.
  • Stock and sell timber by length but order by volume or vice versa.
  • Tally, area and volume features allows the multiple entry of the number of pieces/length/depth and width as a method of calculating the total length, area or volume.
  • CounterAct can hold a list of the standard lengths for a product.
  • Timber tally information can be entered as standard on the main order entry screen.
  • Stock traceability.
  • Option to combine timber processes and treatments to give the customer a consolidated price.
  • Detailed timber transaction report.
  • Additional timber stock control features including purchase orders by volume and stock holding by individual lengths.
  • Stock transformation option available.
  • Tally printed clearly on tickets e.g. 6m length cut to 2 x 3m lengths.


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