Sales analysis and reporting

Having accurate sales information that can easily be run at any time is a key requirement for any merchant system. CounterAct includes a huge range of reports and analysis tools as standard. It also allows users to easily define their own analysis fields to build up their own bespoke reports.


Transaction Reports

These are simple reports that can be run at any time to give up to the minute information on sales revenue and margin.


The summary report gives overall turnover and margin figures. It breaks sales down by delivered, collected, directs and return categories. It also generates deposit taken and account payment figures.


The transaction report provides more detailed information. It breaks both sales and return data down to individual transactions as well as providing information on quotations generated.


salesanalysis1 salesanalysis3


Sales Analysis

CounterAct provides flexible reporting facilities for analysing sales using information accumulated by customer and also by various analysis codes. These analysis codes are defined by the CounterAct user and are easy to set up on the system.


Any CounterAct sales analysis report can show the sales value, cost value, gross margin value/percentage, quantity and transaction count.  Figures can be produced for a single month, a range of months, and year to date for both this year and last year, based on either the financial year, or rolling 12 calendar months are available.


Each report can have up to four levels of analysis. Examples of analysis fields could be sales rep, customer trade type, sales branch or department, product category or code. The choice is yours!

The content of the report can be selected by the entry of a range of values for any of the analysis codes used. You can run these reports at any time and load the data into a formatted report or Microsoft Excel.



Simple Gross Margin Analyses

These reports always show sales value, cost value, gross margin value and percentage for the months chosen, and for the financial year to date.  Last year figures can also be shown if required.  The content of the report can be selected by a range of values for each of the analysis codes used.


newsector11 quote2


Pre-defined Analysis Reports

These reports provide a more sophisticated alternative to the simple gross margin analyses

You can choose to sequence the report by the normal analysis code, or by one of the column values in either descending or ascending order. These reports have a useful 'top x' facility to give you, for example, your top 50 customers by sales or margin or your worst 50 performing products.



Product Sales Enquiry

A powerful report that enables you to investigate which selling prices have been applied when selling either an individual or a range of products.  It is a useful tool to help drive up margins.



The selection screen allows you to look for sales for a single or range of dates. You can view sales for individual or ranges of products, sales to particular or all customers as well as by the various document and account analysis codes you have set up e.g. salesman, branch.


The report allows you to view key information about every product sold. In the above example, tickets for one salesman for the year so far are being viewed to check margin - you can scroll to the right of the report and see if any special discounts had been given. 


Overnight Reports

CounterAct comes with a huge range of standard reports including overnight exception reports that highlights areas needing immediate management attention. Users can set up which exceptions they want flagged.  These reports can be printed or emailed as required.


Examples of possible exceptions flags include negative stock, customers over credit limit, low/high margin sales, sales where stock is zero, overdue purchase orders, sales with reduced/special prices, amended customer terms, price changes, new products, discontinued lines, sales with insufficient stock, stocked lines out of stock.


The choice is yours!



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