CounterAct can be used to produce both counter based quick quotes and more formal structured proposals.


Quotation options for any situation

  • Quotes can include price book products, special products, comments and memos that can only be viewed internally.
  • Quoted prices can be based on a target margin or the customer terms of your choice.
  • Different prices can be set for collection, delivery or direct from supplier.
  • CounterAct has the facility to future date a quote to allow for price changes.
  • Products, prices and values can be shown line by line or simply list products without individual prices and give an overall value.
  • Standard letters and blocks of standard text can be set up and included as required.
  • Terms and conditions can be printed at the end of the quote as required.
  • Copy quote facility - copy all or part of a previous quote or part of the quote you are currently working on.
  • CounterAct provides a printed quotation for the customer and an internal costing schedule showing cost prices, gross margin details and supplier names for special products.
  • Automatic clear down option for older quotes.
  • Email or fax quotes direct.
  • Full quotation follow up and analysis facilities.
  • Easily recall quotes by either customer name, job name or quotation number.
  • Fast conversion to a sales ticket for part or all of a quote.
  • Flexible layout—merge quote information into a Microsoft Word template.
  • Facility to print items on quotes with retail prices and then show the discount given.


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