Quotation scheduling

CounterAct includes quotation scheduling, giving users the ability to easily create a fully referenced quote against a set of architects plans. Architects plans contain references that can be as diverse as a set of door furniture or a room number for specification of sanitaryware for a hotel or care home.


View schedule information in 6 different ways

  • Reference by set
  • Reference by product
  • Set by reference
  • Sets by product
  • Products by set
  • Products by reference


Intuitive features

Several references can require the same list of products, so the products required can be defined once as a ‘set’. The references are then cross-referenced to the relevant set.


All the extra features that are contained in standard quotes are available in quotation scheduling.  These include copy facility, customer, stock and price information. Each schedule has a "product pool". This is simply a list of products (usually specials) that are going to be required for the quote.


When adding products to a set or a reference you can use the facility under 'More Features' to copy products from the pool in the same way as you can copy from the quote in progress or from another quote.  When the quote is printed, the schedule is produced for the customer. This can be exported to a Word template.


CounterAct can produce a number of quotation reports including - set index, product summary as well as a very useful Microsoft Excel extract.



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