Management info and KPI Reports

A modern merchant needs a wide range of management information. CounterAct allows you to meet your specific requirements through a combination of sophisticated search facilities, carefully designed standard reports and tailored analysis.


Selection of management reports

Exception reports highlight areas needing management attention. These reports are run automatically daily, weekly and monthly and can be configured to flag certain events of your choice.


CounterAct also has a wide selection of standard displays and reports. Even though there is an optional report writer, most customers find the standard reports more than adequate. These standard reports cover all areas of the business from sales, order processing, purchasing, stock control and rebate calculation.


A number of accounts reports are also included, from monthly trial balance to profit and loss and annual accounts.


CounterAct‘s varied selection criteria allow you to tailor all reports to provide just the information you require. All reports have a widespread search and drill-down facility to aid further investigation. CounterAct also includes a Company Summary Report which is a single report that provides figures for a range of company key performance indicators (KPI’s).



KPI charting tool

Also included is a KPI charting tool. KPI graphs can be run at any time and can give data for specific branches or the company as a whole. You can choose to run your reports on a wide range of selection criteria and compare the results against the previous day, month or year. CounterAct give you a choice of the type of graph you produce. Selection criteria can be stored so that it’s easy to re run the report or give certain users access only to specific reports.


All included as standard in CounterAct!


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