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CounterAct release - 2.2D

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This new release is available to all CounterAct users. (CounterAct upgrades are supplied as part of the customer support contract.) CounterAct is developed in house at Border's offices in Monmouth. CounterAct
upgrades are released on average 4 times per year.


Highlights for this upgrade include pop up graphs for our enhanced sales analysis facility. These graphs interact with the data on the analysis screen and update in real time as different options are chosen.


sales analysis 7 


Through user feedback we have also added three enhancements to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) options first added in release 2.2C:


Data for casual cash customers can now be collected more easily so they can be targeted for marketing later. We have also added the ability to generate text messages from CRM as well as new options to make it easy to contact casual cash customers, import and export contact lists and to review and delete CRM prospects.


Central buying - we have also added several new facilities to help maintain stock effectively across several branches.


Also included in this release are improvements to our product extract which is often used as a tool to automatically update customer websites.


Issue notes with full details of the new release will be sent to customers with the upgrade.

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