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CounterAct Release 2-9B

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Lost margin review 327w


Border are making some significant improvements in the latest CounterAct upgrade.


Highlights of the new issue include:



• Improvements to its web integration to support the new trading conditions during Covid-19 crisis such as the ability for trade customers to do a quick order online through their account portal. (Requires Border/Magento website.)

• Delivery scheduling enhancements that will support a new electronic proof of delivery app to be release in the next update. (ePOD)

• A brand-new lost margin review enquiry screen that will help merchants identify where margin is being given away unnecessarily.

• A new feature added to the CounterAct’s 360 Overview allowing a user to view all notepads associated with all documents in the ‘chain’ in one screen. Also included are improvements to ‘Quick View’ to show tally information and with a quick way to see any linked documents.

• Finally, a useful utility has been added to define product code renumbering requirements during the day and have them actioned overnight


These are just some highlights of the issue which is due to be sent out in early 2021. Release 2-9B is a major upgrade with over 530 changes and improvements made to the CounterAct system.


All users receive system upgrades as part of their support contract.


As usual, full issue notes will be sent to all users when they receive the upgrade. Border will also be producing You Tube videos to highlight the most useful enhancements to help users get the most from their investment in CounterAct.

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