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New CounterAct Issue (2-8B)

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We are just about to start sending out the latest CounterAct update (2-8B) to our customers. (All Border customers receive system updates as part of their support contract.) 


Highlights of the issue include the ability to mass release delivery notes, an option to use thermal printers to print account collection and return notes as well as cash receipts.



We have also added improvements to the way electronic signature pads operate. Other enhancements include the ability to determine how effective a supplier is with information provided on delivered on time, in full or not.


Finally, we have also added improvements to the way CounterAct deals with specials. (See the article below.)     


Release 2-8B is a major upgrade with over 620 changes and improvements made to the CounterAct system. As usual, full issue notes will be sent to users when they receive the upgrade. We will also be producing You Tube videos to highlight particular enhancements.       


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