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CounterAct Release 2.6C

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In the latest CounterAct upgrade (2.6C) we have made a number of improvements to CounterAct and also launched a brand new series of YouTube videos detailing what is covered in this new issue.


Enhancements include:


Flexible loading from .csv – CounterAct’s new load facility will allow orders that have been generated via specialist showroom and design software such as EasyQuote to be easily loaded into Counteract for stock ordering, fulfilment and invoicing purposes. The new option is flexible so it can be set to load information from most applications and should help save both time and improve accuracy.

Postcode Lookup – this new option allows users to easily find an address using a postcode lookup facility. It is available in Sales and Orders and Direct Orders. It's a pay as you use web service provided by Crafty Clicks, so is constantly updated.

A number of improvements have also been made to the existing options to load and update CounterAct Price Book and Product Stock details for a .csv file. These include allowing users to just use column headings to map updates rather than having to use a fixed template. Additional security has also been added as the whole input file is validated before use.


Detailed issue notes will be sent to all customers along with the upgrade as well YouTube videos. (CounterAct upgrades are supplied as part of the customer support contract.)


CounterAct is developed in-house at Border’s offices in Monmouth by Border’s team of developers.

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