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CounterAct Release 2-6B

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In its latest CounterAct upgrade (2-6B), we have made a number of improvements to CounterAct’s graphical point of sale and customer
order screens to further streamline and improve the order entry process.


A new chargeable option is the Buying Control Panel. This is designed to give an overall picture for company buyers. CounterAct can be set to raise recommended orders automatically overnight where products are required in addition to supplier orders being raised on a diary basis.



The buying control panel shows a list of the recommended orders with relevant information including those already placed today. It is possible to place orders directly from the list. Orders that include ordered on request product or specials are highlighted. Recommended order information can be refreshed throughout the day to keep information current.


We have also integrated CounterAct with a third party label software called Bar Tender which will give users much more flexibility on how they want their labels to look.


Finally, we have also added an option for a web based on demand fax service for CounterAct users.


This new release is available to all CounterAct users. (CounterAct upgrades are supplied as part of the customer support contract.)


CounterAct is developed in house at Border’s offices in Monmouth.


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