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Enhanced sales analysis launched

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Border is about to release a brand new CounterAct feature that will allow users to analyse and view their sales data in a more responsive and flexible way.


The new Sales Analysis Enquiry is a powerful tool that allows users to run any combination of analysis reports and chart the output.


CounterAct customers are able to set their own analysis codes to identify what sales information they wish to report on. Analysis codes would typically be sales by branch, account, rep, product group etc...   Users can run reports with diverse information including sales value, cost value, gross margin value and percentage for the months chosen, rolling 12 months or financial year to date.  Last year figures can also be shown if required.  


The content of the report can be selected by a range of values for each of the analysis codes used.


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Analysis information can be run in any combination and the output can be sent to a graph with different format options available. If the user makes a change to the report selection criteria the graph will update on the fly. As well as run to screen, graphs can be printed or emailed as a PDF.  


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All CounterAct customers will receive this enhancement as part of their support contract.


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