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Two new team members

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We are very excited to formally introduce our two new team members. Please welcome Andy Edwards and Louis Marangon...







Andy Edwards


Role with Border: Senior Developer - maintaining the Border system


Previous Jobs: Senior Developer / Manager for Electronics For Imaging (EFI)


What do you like about Border?: The family environment


How have you found settling in?: Great, the team have been so welcoming


What's your mission?: To deliver what customers need, not what they want.





Louis Marangon


Role with Border: Apprentice - Software testing and support


Previous Experience: A Levels at Monmouth Comprehensive School Sixth Form


What do you like about Border?: Before I joined the team, I researched the company with its roles and motives and saw it as an inspiring opportunity to grow and learn what it meant to be a part of a team in a software firm. I was curious from the beginning to see exactly what the company offered their customers and the services they provided; it was an interest to see how they would then nurture and maintain the software, in both hardware and software.


How have you found settling in?: I have found the experience at this company more than enjoyable; the staff members have been more than welcoming and have supported a good working environment since I first began. They are more than happy to share their knowledge with others which has been valuable to me, and because of this, the experience has been eye opening as I can begin to put knowledge to practice while picking up more and more.


What's your mission?: I want to be able to provide good customer support for this company, I want to be able to perform at my highest and improve and add value to the company through knowledge, understanding and good customer satisfaction. Like many others, I want to do my part to help nurture, maintain and improve the Border system. I want to be a true asset to the team and hopefully bring something to the table.



We are delighted to welcome both of them to the Border family and we look forward to supporting them in delivering their missions. 



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