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Covid 19 Update

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We thought it would be worth a quick note to update you on Border’s plans to continue to support our customer's CounterAct system during this time.



Our aim is to reduce exposure to the virus so we have enough staff resource to provide cover in case of sickness.


Everyone from Border support & development is setup to work from home.


Due to the restrictions placed by homeworking, we have asked all customers to email support rather than call, with the exception of urgent system down calls. (All emails to go the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


We can still access customer’s servers and screenshare onto PCs as required.


All on site visits will be postponed, however training can still be provided remotely.


Customers can access their CounterAct system from home as required. The easiest method is via remote desktop access to office PCs.


It is important to keep track of system backups during this time and continue to change backup drives daily if possible.


Our aim is to provide continued support to all our CounterAct system and minimise any possible impact to our customer's businesses.

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