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Huws Gray commit to CounterAct

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After the recent acquisition of Ridgeons, Huws Gray has announced the decision to continue operating CounterAct Software throughout the business.


After reviewing both CounterAct and Ridgeon’s incumbent software system, Huws Gray decided to commit to CounterAct for the long-term. The rollout of CounterAct into Ridgeon’s is already well under way.


The acquisition of Ridgeon’s provided an ideal opportunity for Huws Gray to review its IT infrastructure and systems.


CounterAct’s functionality, stability, and the close working relationship with Border, have been important components in Huws Gray’s growth to date. However, with such a large acquisition, Huws Gray needed to be sure that its current software system could support such a sudden increase in size and be fit to support its continued growth plans.


Mike Owen Jnr, Head of IT at Huws Gray commented; “Whilst we have a great working relationship with Border, it was really important for us to review our software and take a hard look at what was the right platform for us moving forward."


"It’s no secret that we have ambitious growth plans, so our IT system needs to be able to support that. When we reviewed the systems, we were delighted to see that the way we operate CounterAct is extremely efficient relative to other products. The administrative overhead we need to operate our fundamental business processes appears to be significantly less than others, that means we are using our technology more effectively."


"We are happy to commit to Border and will be making investments in both the CounterAct product and integrated e-commerce platform. We are confident that Border is the right partner for us moving forward.”


Phil Davies, Commercial Manager at Border Merchant Systems said; “We are delighted that Huws Gray has chosen Border as its long-term merchant system partner. All the team here are committed to continuing to provide Huws Gray with the high level of support required to help its evolution. We will be working closely together to develop both CounterAct and our service offering to meet Huws Gray’s evolving requirements."


"Furthermore, it is good news for all our customers and staff that the largest independent merchant in the UK has decided that Border and CounterAct are best placed to help them grow.”

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