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New CounterAct mobile app - Purchase Orders

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Border’s new mobile app is designed to allow for the easy generation of a supplier purchase order on a mobile device whilst walking round the showroom or yard.


The app can be used on an Android device.


The app supports multi-branches so a purchase order can be generated for multiple branches from a single device. Once the user has logged in and chosen what branch they are ordering from they are given the option of either generating an Ad Hoc or Supplier order.


An Ad Hoc order is just a list of products that need ordering that you source from a number of suppliers. Users can choose as many products as they need and scan barcodes as necessary.


A Supplier order generates a PO for products from a particular supplier. The app will list the products that you have set to source from that supplier in CounterAct


Purchase orders can be saved to be recalled later if required. To conclude the order is just a matter of choosing complete this order on the app. The order is then loaded automatically into CounterAct. For the Ad-Hoc order, CounterAct will generate as many different supplier purchase orders as required.


User still have all the flexibility that CounterAct provides for changing purchase orders before sending.


The app has just completed extensive beta testing at a number of customer sites and is now ready for release to all CounterAct users.


Please contact Border for more information and prices. 




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