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Adra Match partnership agreement

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Border Merchant Systems has announced a partnership agreement with Adra Match to supply its range of data matching and account reconciliation software.


Adra Match is a leading provider of software for data matching with over 3000 customers throughout Europe. Their data matching products are primarily used by accounts departments to reconcile transactions and accounts automatically.


The partnership came about when one of Border's customers asked if they would integrate CounterAct with Adra Match's Bank Reconciliation software. Once Border had written the link it was easy to demonstrate how much time the automatic reconciliation process was saving the user.


"We at Adra Match are excited to have the opportunity to work with Border Merchant Systems in the UK and explore further the integration benefits with CounterAct" - Alan Bagnall, Adra Match Sales Director UK.


For more information on Adra Match please contact Border Merchant Systems.   
















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