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Give us a call

We are happy to have a chat about your company and possible system requirements. We will be open and honest. If we think CounterAct is a good fit for your business we will say so and will also say if we don’t think it’s the right solution for you.


We are not a heavy sales company so you can be assured that if you do contact us, we won’t be on the phone to you every five minutes hassling for a meeting.


On–Line Demo

We can do a brief demo over the internet. Ideal if you want to get a feel for the system. All you need is access to the internet and a telephone. This will give you a good idea of how CounterAct functions.


Ballpark Price

If you can give us and idea of how many screens you would need and the existing hardware that you have we can work out some ball park prices for you.


On-Site Demo

We can either do an overview or detailed demo at your premises.


Formal Quote

Following a demo we can produce a fully costed formal proposal. We will provide a full breakdown of everything that is required including hardware.

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Border Merchant Systems Ltd, Singleton Court Business Park, Wonastow Road, Monmouth, NP25 5JA