J&Bs - Plumber's merchant in Bournemouth

Located in Moordown near Bournemouth, J&Bs are a plumber’s merchant with the true values of an independent – a huge knowledge of their business and a commitment to providing outstanding customer service.

The directors are John Walters and Tina Bennett, John’s wife Pat controls the accounts assisted by Tina.


Wimborne Road is an ideal location for the new business, on a busy main road with parking out the front. Around 60% of J&Bs business is from local trade customers and their prominent position means that they also pick up a fair share of retail trade.


Any size customer can be accommodated. “We do quotes of all sizes from a standard bathroom suite to fitting out the plumbing for a complete set of new flats.” Being small and independent means that they can be a lot more light on their feet than the nationals. J&Bs can get anything for anyone if it’s available, and are happy to do special orders.




Getting the basics right

J&Bs decided that they should start as they meant to go on. They wanted a merchant software system to run the company which was quick and reliable on the counter, had full stock control and accounts facilities. After a demo’ they chose CounterAct from Border Merchant Systems. 


J&Bs had a very tight timescale between ordering the system and opening its doors to new customers. “Nobody thought that we would be able to do it but we were determined to open for business on time with all our products on the price book, correctly priced up and running full stock control.” BMS rushed the order through and their new CounterAct server was installed on 22nd March. They went live on the system just 10 days later!


Product loading during those 10 days was down to John, Pat and Paul Cozins (who has worked with John for many years.) Between them we think they must have set up a new Guinness record for lack of sleep!


This huge effort has paid dividends. “Having on hand a computer system that gives you the correct stock and price for a product in an instant has given us a real head start,” says Pat. 


“Staff get on well with CounterAct on the trade counter, they need to be able to process lots of sales quickly.”


Pat is scrupulous about checking purchase invoices to make sure they only pay for exactly what they have ordered. “CounterAct helps us set the correct disciplines necessary to efficiently run the business.”


Another reason for choosing CounterAct was BMS’s reputation for providing outstanding support.


“The support from BMS has been brilliant. Even if you ring up and ask a really obvious question you are never made to feel foolish.”


Plans for the future

J&Bs are determined to squeeze as much information out of the system as possible. “The more we use CounterAct the more we realise how much we can do with it.

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