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ePOD coming soon

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ePOD solution coming soon


Our new ePOD app is coming soon. It is going to change the way you get proof of delivery evidence and how you give your team delivery schedules and directions.



The app allows you to collect proof of delivery via a mobile phone or tablet. Take a photo on the device via the app and the data synchronises directly with your Border system. This evidence is then logged against the customer record.


You already have delivery planning and scheduling within the system, but the app takes this to the next level. When the driver opens the app, all the delivery information and scheduling is pulled through into the app for them to use - including maps and any additional delivery instructions.


The app is designed to be simple to use and will include useful features like delivery location mapping, delivery photos and trip progress information. Customers will be able to sign for deliveries via the app with data uploading straight to the main system.  


We are in the later stages of development and aim to release version 1 of the app in early 2022. Further details and prices will be released soon.


We are particularly excited about this development and the app is looking really fresh and modern. Here’s a sneak peak…


Border new ePOD app

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